Macon East Academy (the “School”), in an effort to recruit new students and enhance and improve the quality of leadership within the student body, will offer opportunities for leadership Scholarships for new students meeting at least the minimum requirements set forth in this plan. It is intended that leadership skills and standards of conduct for the Scholarship recipients exceed that of the traditional student body. This plan should be evaluated annually to determine if it is meeting its intent and should only be used for the intent stated above. Details of this plan are as follows:


Each Scholarship awarded will be an abatement of 50% of the tuition (excluding fees) for the student being awarded the Scholarship. This abatement does not apply to siblings or others included on the contract of the family of the student. The value of the Scholarship will be reduced to reflect 50% of the pro rata tuition cost on a multi student contract (for example, a 50% Scholarship on a $8,115 one child contract will be $4,057, while a 50% Scholarship to one child on a two child contract will be 50% of that student’s tuition or $3,650).

The total amount of Scholarships awarded cannot exceed $50,000.

The School commits to honor this contract with the scholarship recipient from the year it is awarded through graduation as long as the student meets the requirements of the Scholarship program. The School reserves the right to terminate any Scholarship offer to a student at the Headmaster’s discretion.

The amount of Scholarships are not limited that can be offered within a specific grade. In no case will the School offer a Scholarship to a student that increases a grade’s size to the point it requires the School to add an additional teacher unit.

This Scholarship program may not be combined with other tuition discounts such as Financial Aid, Headmaster’s Discretionary, or Employee Discounts. The family of a student which receives a Scholarship is eligible to receive recruitment incentives to attract other families to the School; as long as all other Foundation members are eligible to receive the recruitment incentive.


Scholarships will be awarded by a seven (7) person Scholarship Committee (the “Committee”) that will include Two Upper School Faculty Members, Two Non-Board Member Parents, and Three Board Members. Each member will serve staggered 3 year terms so that one member rolls off of the Committee each year. Prospective Committee members will be identified by the Headmaster and approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the School. The Committee members will meet with the Headmaster after the end of each semester to review each Scholarship recipient’s maintenance of the Scholarship requirements and evaluate any issues with the conduct of the recipient. A minimum of three Committee members must meet to review each applicant’s submission. At the end of the school year the Committee can terminate any Scholarship offer to a student which does not maintain compliance with the requirements of the program. Majority vote of the Committee is required to award a Scholarship to an applicant; however, it is desired that each award be unanimous among the Committee members.

The Committee is tasked with determining which applicants are deserving of the Scholarships and should feel no obligation to award the maximum amount of Scholarships approved under this plan.

The Committee should appoint a member to record the minutes of meetings and should undertake to document its votes and decisions regarding Scholarship awards.

Any interpretation of the rules of this program or resolution of conflicts regarding the rules of the program will be made at the sole discretion of the Committee by a majority vote of the members.


A family who wishes to apply for a Scholarship must complete an application to document a student’s eligibility for the Scholarship program. After completion and submission of the application, a prospective Scholarship recipient will be required to interview in person with the Headmaster and at least one member of the Committee.

The purpose of this program is to promote the development of the student’s leadership potential, attitude regarding fair play, sportsmanship, personal hygiene, self-pride and self-discipline.

Eligible applicants for the Scholarship program will be rising Upper School (7th through 12th grade) students. Eligible applicants must not have attended the School at any time in the previous academic year.

Eligible Scholarship recipients will possess a 3.00 grade point average on a 4.0 scale (measured beginning 7th grade year or if not yet in 7th grade, measured based on 5th and 6th grade transcripts). Recipients will be required to maintain a 3.00 grade point average throughout attendance at the School or the Scholarship agreement will be terminated. Compliance with the grade point average requirement will be evaluated on an annual basis.

Eligible Scholarship recipients will agree to participate in one school athletic team sanctioned by the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA). Additionally, recipients will agree to participate in at least one other School activity such as a club or a second school athletic team sanctioned by the AISA.

Each completed Scholarship application will include no fewer than three (3) written character references for the student. The character references should under no circumstances be written by a family member or guardian of the student.

Each applicant should include a list of community activities and awards. The School understands the importance of participation in leadership activities in the community in addition to the School, at the same time, acknowledges class work and participation in athletics could prevent prospective applicants from involvement in these activities. Evaluation of community activities and awards will be a part of the Committee’s evaluation of an applicant, however, a lack of these will not prevent an applicant from being awarded a Scholarship.

You can download the LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Application form below:

Jackie Frost Leadership Scholarship Application