Our Upper School Mission:

Beginning in 7th grade and continuing through senior year, students will take 7 courses including core and elective classes.  Honors, advanced placement and college prep classes are available beginning freshman year.

MEA continually strives to provide a culture of excellence in all endeavors with academics being the focal point. With this focus we emphasize the following:

  • College Preparatory:  The focus of the curriculum, teaching, and learning is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in college or any other post-secondary endeavor.
  • Environment:   MEA provides an environment that is safe, enjoyable, caring, and stimulating with the intent of nurturing and developing well-balanced, responsible, and dedicated young people.
  • Belief in God:  This reality that is shared through a direct experience of God by way of personal revelation.
  • Christian Doctrines:  The doctrines that are ultimate include: the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the deity of Christ (Son of God), the virgin birth, the atoning work of Christ on the cross, the bodily resurrection, and salvation by grace through faith.
  • Patriotism:  MEA develops an appreciation, love and devotion for our country (United States of America).
  • Academic Achievement:  MEA promotes a culture of directing, developing and motivating students to move their accumulation and application of knowledge to a higher level.
  • Preparation:  The state of readiness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes

GRADES 7 – 12

7th GRADE 10th GRADE
English Honors English 10
Pre-Algebra Algebra II w/Trig
Life Science Chemistry
Civics/Geography Spanish I
Exploratory Honors US History to 1877
Physical Education Computer Science II (1/2) – Speech (1/2)
Athletics / Elective
8th GRADE 11th GRADE
English Honors English 11 or AP English 11
Algebra I Pre-Calculus
Physical Science Anatomy
Ancient History to 1500 Honors US History
Computer Spanish II
Physical Education Elective
Fine Arts Athletics / Elective
9th GRADE 12th GRADE
Honors English 9 Honors English 12 or AP English 12
Geometry Algebra III or Calculus
Honors Biology Environmental Science or Physics
Honors Ancient History 1500-Present American Government (1/2) – Economics (1/2)
Health (1/2) – Computer (1/2) Elective
Physical Education Elective
Art I Athletics / Elective


**Graduation Requirements: A minimum of twenty-four (24) units earned in grades 9-12 is required for graduation for a Macon East Academy College Prep Diploma. The units earned must include the following:


English 4 Computer 1
Social Studies 4 Health ½
Math 4 Fine Arts 1 1/2  (includes Speech)
Science 4 Electives 2
Foreign Language 2 Physical Education 1


**Only classes taken in grades 9-12 will count toward graduation.

Macon East Academy students in grades 9-12 must take a minimum of 6 academic classes each year.  These classes are to include: English, History, Math, and Science

Course Descriptions
AP Summer Reading
Graduation Requirements