The Athletic Club supports our athletes through projects not funded by the annual school budget. Athletic Club projects include: athletic banquets, various team equipment needs, maintenance for the athletic fields, annual sports program, team meals, transportation to away games and field trips, concession stands and more. Membership is available to and encouraged for all Macon East parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends. The Macon East Athletic Club offers several different contribution levels. The Royal Family Membership is required for sports participation in the Macon East athletic program.

Sports Program:

The Macon East Academy Sports Program is a wonderful tradition and is also a major fundraiser supporting the many programs and resources funded by the Athletic Club. It is a great way to honor your student athletes and is an excellent advertising tool for your business. Full, half, quarter, and business card size ads are available in the sports program. Discounted full page color ads are available for Senior Athletes.

Macon East Athletics Membership and Sports Program