Growing in Community

Macon East Academy believes that every child has the potential to be a leader, educator, community-builder, entrepreneur, and steward. Beginning in pre-school and continuing all the way through high school, every aspect of the Macon East experience is designed to inspire each child to explore the full extent of his or her abilities. Using a whole-child approach, Macon East Academy offers a challenging college-preparatory academic curriculum and a growing array of athletic programs, travel opportunities, and club activities. Its team of educators brings the learning to life by providing context and meaning at every turn. These professionals provide students with the individual attention they need as they begin to take responsibility for their own learning. Macon East believes that the best schools have a “small-town” feel where love, honesty, courage, integrity, humor, and gratitude are the qualities most admired.

Macon East Academy is a college-preparatory, K3-12 school that prides itself on academic rigor, lasting relationships, and both curricular and extracurricular opportunities that nurture students’ individual needs and interests.

In the effort to provide one of the best independent school educations available, we continually re-examine, revise, and improve upon our curricular standards.

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