School is where your child learns, socializes, and sets the foundation for his or her future. That makes his or her academic environment extremely important. Still searching for the right school for your child? Want to learn more about the institution your student attends? Whether you’re the parent of a Macon Knight or you want to apply to our wonderful school, check out these fast facts about Macon East Academy.


Our students benefit from our many great facilities, which enhance their educational experiences. We have two technology centers, two science laboratories, two media center/libraries, a musical performance room, a performing arts center, center, sports fields, and more!

Upper and Lower Schools

At Macon East Academy, we have both upper and lower schools. Our lower grades run from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade, while our upper schools run from seventh to 12th grade. That can cover your child’s entire primary education!

College Prep

Getting ready for college doesn’t happen overnight! It involves years of well-planned curriculum, experienced teachers, and more. One of the most important fast facts about Macon East Academy is that we impart a college-preparatory curriculum on our students. That way, they have all they need to succeed in the future!

High-Quality Curriculum

In our upper schools, students can attend college prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses. In our lower schools, students will benefit from the accelerated curriculum.

College Acceptance

When it comes to college acceptance rates, we’re above the rest. In fact, we have a 100% college acceptance rate.


Macon East Academy has a strong athletics program. After all, physical fitness is a huge component of your child’s health. Football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and more—your child can play his or her sport of choice.

After-School Care

Your children are our priority—during and after school hours. If you need after-school care, we provide it! We’re flexible too—simply choose the days you need for the week, register with the office, or even drop in. Plus, this is the perfect time and place for your child to get his or her homework done too.

Paying Tuition

We make paying tuition easy. You can pay in one, two, 10, or 12 installments. There are also financial aid packages available. Prefer to pay online? You can do that too! Finally, you’ll save on rates when two or more of your children attend Macon East Academy.

Christian Schooling

Searching for a curriculum that includes Christian teachings? Throughout the school year, Macon East Academy relays Christian values to our students.

Our Motto

The right school helps your child achieve the proper foundation. Caring teachers, a strong community, and a great curriculum—we have it all. That’s why our motto is “Everything A School Should Be.”


These fast facts about Macon East Academy speak for themselves. Your child deserves the best—and that’s us. Sports, academics, and a close community—we have it all. Want to learn more about our school? Visit our website or call us at (334) 277-6566. You can also fill out our contact form. Plus, keep reading our blog!