Rising seniors, Will Dowe and Rai Pritchett represented Macon East Academy at this year’s Alabama Boys and Girls State events at the University of Alabama.  Sponsored by the American Legion, Boys and Girls State is a week long leadership program that provides delegates with a working knowledge of how government functions at the city, county, and state level.  The American Legion believes that teaching youth to understand and appreciate the basic principles involved in the successful management of a democratic society is vital to keeping America strong for future generations.  Delegates from across the state are selected by school faculty based on their demonstration of leadership in their school and community.  Throughout the week delegates participated in mock government, field trips and hands-on exercises, as well as heard from an array of Alabama government and business leaders.  Taking part in the political life of their community and state through campaigning, party caucuses, and the election process gave the delegates a new understanding and appreciation for the ideals of the American government.  As a delegate at Alabama Boys State, Will Dowe was elected to the Senate where he wrote and debated various bills.  Rai Pritchett was a member of the Senate and the Federalist Party at Alabama Girls State where she campaigned for the office of county commissioner.  Selection as a delegate for Alabama Boys and Girls State is an honor, and the experiences Will and Rai had through this prestigious program will shape them as leaders at school and in their future endeavors.

Will Dowe

Rai girls state