This quarter’s Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts ARTWORKS Corridor called for entries with the theme, “Threaded Through Tradition,” connecting traditional quilting, Alabama history, and the influence of both on life in the state today in their exhibit “Sewn Together: Two Centuries of Alabama Quilts.” There were over 100 entries submitted from 13 public and private schools, and the judges selected 48 works of art for the exhibit. These included five Macon East art students and their …works listed below. These artists’ work will be on exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Arts from January 21 until March 26.

Madison Folkes – cross-stitched face, “The Looking Man” Chandler Barker – “Stitched”, several squares quilted together with his initials Alex Chancellor (not pictured) – “Rainy Day”, a cotton cloud with different colored fabric raindrops Jaycee Cook-McCollum’s (not pictured) – “Vincent Van Don’t”, is a watercolor version of Starry Night with added stitch marks Katie Pittenger (not pictured) – “Fading Sunset”, comprised of several pieces of fabric symbolizing a sunset.