The annual Macon East Honors Day program held May 12, 2016 was a time to recognize the graduating class for their accomplishments as well as other outstanding upper school students.  Representatives from many colleges and the United States Marine Corps were on hand to present scholarships and recognition to the seniors.  The Class of 2016 earned over $2 million in academic and athletic scholarships.  Seniors were also presented with their honor cords and honor graduate medallions to be worn at the commencement ceremony.  Jesi Garrett was named Valedictorian, and Grace Allen was named Salutatorian.

Below is a full list of awards presented at the event:

Subject Awards:

Senior High History:  Bailey Blaze

Junior High History: Casie Starling, Spencer Lindemood, Rachel Sargent

Senior High Science: Alex Wyrosdick

Junior High Science:  Spencer Lindemood

Junior High Math: Pre- Algebra: Justin Reynolds,  Algebra: Spencer Lindemmod, Geometry: Dawn Johnson

Senior High Math: Calculus: Seth Meadows, Pre- Calculus (Slate Garmany- Junior and Hannah Davis – Senior), Algebra II: Tyler Watson, Algebra III: Jesi Garrett

Computer: Dawn Johnson

Junior High Art: Madisyn Kennedy and Dawn Johnson

Senior High Art: Christian Styer and Briana Turner

Spanish I /Spanish II: Alex Wyrosdick

Spanish III: Hannah Davis

Junior High English:Katie Pittenger

Senior High English:  Bailey Blaze and Hannah Davis

Creative Writing: Emily Kyser

Speech: Madison Folkes


Spelling Bee:

7th Grade Winner: Will Desmarais, alternate – Max Taylor

8th Grade Winner: Bishop Stringer, alternate – Christian Moody


AISA Reading Fair Winners:

Junior High:

7th Grade: 3rd – Tanner Moore, 2nd – Aiden Steyer, 1st – Casy Starling

8th Grade: 3rd – Allison Parson, 2nd – Ryan Brock, 1st – Haley Wren

9th Grade: 3rd – Madisyn Kennedy, 2nd – Beaty Hurst, 1st – Zack Taylor

Best in Show: Christian Moody

Senior High:

10th Grade: 3rd – Nick Fitzgerald, 2nd – Sam Pittenger, 1st – Madison Folkes

11th Grade:  3rd – Sami Nesbitt, 2nd – Spencer Hale, 1st – Chloe Patterson

12th Grade: 3rd – Forrest Bankston, 2nd – Jesi Garrett, 1st – Ty Thomas

Best in Show: Christian Steyer

Lance and Shield Award: Hannah Walters

AISA Drama:

District Winners:  Bryson O’Malley, Savannah Clemens, Madison Folkes, and Hannah Davis placed 3rdMadison Lane, Georgia Blaze, Katherine Kirk, Hannah Johnson, Rachel Sargent, Lauren Taylor, Casie Starling, and Barrett Hammond placed 2nd .

State Winners: Madison Lane, Georgia Blaze, Katherine Kirk, Hannah Johnson, Rachel Sargent, Lauren Taylor, Casie Starling, and Barrett Hammond placed 2nd.

Hannah Davis, Savannah Clemens, Rachel Sargent, and Georgia Blaze were chosen for the All-State Cast.

Art Awards:

AISA District Participants:

7th – 9th Grades: Briana Johnson, Barrett Hammond, Rachel Sargent, Haley Wren, Sam Castleberry, Bailey Nyberg, Casie Starling, Trent Watson, Will Desmarais, Emily Nickles, Ethan Honaker, Zack Taylor

10th 12th Grades: Christian Steyer, Jaycee Cook, Hannah Johnson , Brianna Turner, Madison Folkes , Amber McGuff

AISA State Participants: Jaycee Cook, Christian Styer, Zach Taylor – won 2nd place 

Math Competition:

AISA Junior High School Math Competition Team: Barrett Hammond, Katherine Kirk, Max Taylor , Will Desmarais, Jonathan Mathis, Rachel Sargent, Trent Watson, Lane Johnson, Georgia Blaze

 AISA High School Math Competition Team: Jesi Garrett, Adam Durden, Bailey Blaze, Sarah Margaret Poundstone, Grace Allen, Suzie Johnson, Chapman Brooks, Karli Hawkins

Leglislative Day with Primesouth Bank: Jennifer Campbell, Susie Johnson, Sami Nesbitt

Youth In Government

(Pike Road) Seth Meadows, Meri-Kathryn Bright, Bailey Blaze, Hannah Walters, DJ Holifield, Will Dowe

(Montgomery) Bailey Blaze, Meri- Kathryn Bright, Hannah Davis, Alex Wyrosdick, Chandler Lunn, Lindsay Johnson

Alabama Lions High School Leadership: Sami Nesbitt , Channy Blackwell , Jennifer Campbell

Eastdale Mall Teen Team : Madison Lane, Cydney Worthington, Sarah Margaret Poundstone

DAR Good Citizens Winner: Grace Allen

School Community Service Award: Meri-Kathryn Bright and Sarah Margaret Poundstone

Spirit of the Community Award: Emily Kyser as the state wide student ambassador to the Wounded Warrior Foundation

Duke Talent Identification Program: Will Desmarais, Barrett Hammond, Jordan Hicks, Jonathan Mathis, Tanner Moore, Emily Nickels, Justin Reynolds, May Taylor

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award: Tyler Watson and Hannah Johnson

Alabama Girls State: Rai Pritchett

Alabama Boys State: Will Dowe

National Honor Society Leadership Award: Grace Allen

Wendy’s Heisman: Girls: Jesi Garrett – State finalist Boys: Austin Reese

Jimmy Hitchcock: 2016 Female Hitchcock Winner – Jesi Garrett

Senior High: Lexi Brantley and Jesi Garrett

Junior High: Nate Center and Bailey Williams

Hilda Story Teacher of the Year Award: Ray Clinton

AISA Student Athlete Award: Jesi Garrett

SGA Leadership Award: Lexi Brantley

AISA Headmaster’s Association Award: Jesi Garrett

I Dare You Leadership Award: Bailey Blaze

Mandy Williams Christian Leadership Award: Sarah Margaret Poundstone

Jack Cox Service Award: Braxton Bundy

Zeta Spence Memorial Award: Grace Allen

Salutatorian: Grace Allen

Valedictorian: Jesi Garrett