Macon East first grade teacher, Ashley Powell first introduced the Tomatosphere Program to our 1st-6th grade students at the Environmental Fair last spring.  In April, each student planted two experimental tomato seeds.  Of the seeds planted, 80 of the control Group J seeds germinated, while 102 of the  roup K seeds germinated.  Group K seeds had spent 6 weeks on the International Space Station before being sent to Macon East and planted for our experiment.  In early May the young plants were moved outdoors where the students continued to tend them and monitor growth.  At the end of the school year, 121 students got to take a tomato plant home and care for it over the summer break.  One of our teachers took 10 plants (5 from each test group) home for the summer.  Throughout the break, students and Mrs. Powell shared pictures and reports on how the tomato plants were progressing.  Experiment results showed that both Group J and Group K plants thrived and produced a healthy crop of tomatoes.  Macon East students are proud to have received recognition for their participation in the Canadian Space Program’s experiment.  The study of space farming is critical to the study of life support systems needed to send humans to other planets.  We thank Mrs. Powell for bringing this fun and exciting program to Macon East and our outdoor classroom.