Coach Erica Hammonds and the Student Government Association organized a school-wide Pantene Challenge event on Friday, October 23.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths, in partnership with HairUWear and the American Cancer Society, encourages people to cut and donate their healthy hair to create wigs for cancer patients.  The SGA and each grade has been raising money for this event throughout the month of October in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Overall Macon East collected 8 ponytails and over $600 in donations.  Kaiden Byrom, Anna Watson, Ally Matthews, Jennifer Campbell, Emily Kyser, Kirksey Jones and Coach Erica Hammonds each had their hair cut in front of a crowd of cheering fans at the Pink Out Pep Rally.  Sixth grader Brantley Main also donated her ponytail earlier in the school year.  With a goal of $500, the SGA is excited to have raised over $600 in monetary donations to further the efforts of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths initiative.  The 4th grade class raised the most with $151 given in honor of MEA parent and breast cancer survivor, Brittny Hemphill.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the Pantene Challenge in its mission to help women battling cancer.  A special thank you to the four amazing stylists who donated their time and talents to the cause.  Tammi Fett (360 Salon), Maegan Humphries (Viola’ Salon), Vanessa Krasnowiecki (Suite 140), and Ellen Kyser (2’s Company) provided not only the ponytail cut but a new hairstyle for each of our brave participants at the Pep Rally.

Pantene 1