Several Macon East juniors and seniors participated in the Montgomery and Pike Road Youth in City Government events.  Youth in City Government days, sponsored by the YMCA, give student leaders the opportunity to debate city ordinances they propose, preside on the council, and be eligible to participate in the youth mayor’s election.  Students also enjoyed meeting with the Mayor and City Councilmen and lunch with the other student representatives.  Meri-Kathryn Bright, 2016 Pike Road Youth Mayor, was succeeded by MEA’s Seth Meadows who will serve as Mayor for 2017.  Bailey Blaze was recognized for her service on the city council presiding over the day’s events at Montgomery’s Youth in City day.




Montgomery participants: Bailey Blaze, Lindsey Johnson, Alex Wyrosdick, Hannah Davis, Meri-Kathryn Bright, and Chandler Lunn



Pike Road participants: Will Dowe, Hannah Walters, Seth Meadows, Bailey Blaze, Meri-Kathryn Bright, and DH Holifield