7th – 9th Grade Winners

Best of Show: Christian Moody (8th grade)

7th grade:
1st place – Casie Starling
2nd place – Aiden Steyer
3rd place – Tanner Moore

8th grade:
1st place – Haley Wren
2nd place – Ryan Brock
3rd place – Allison Parson

9th grade:
1st grade – Zack Taylor
2nd grade – Beaty Hurst
3rd place – Madisyn Kennedy

Moody Reading Fair

10th – 12th grade winners

Best of Show: Christian Steyer (12th grade)

10th grade:
1st place – Madison Folkes
2nd place – Sam Pittenger
3rd place – Nick Fitzgerald

11th grade:
1st place – Chloe Patterson
2nd place – Spencer Hale
3rd place – Sami Nesbitt

12th grade:
1st place – Ty Thomas
2nd place – Jesi Garrett
3rd place – Forrest Bankston

Steyer Reading Fair