The Macon East Drama Club presented their annual spring play Alice on May 3.  Alice was adapted by seniors Hannah Davis and Hannah Walters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, with inspiration from Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland.  Along with adapting the script, Hannah Davis and Hannah Walters designed the set and costumes with the help of Mrs. Candice Duffey, drama club sponsor.  Once the girls settled on a design, members of the cast helped make Wonderland and the characters in Alice come to life.  This year’s play was a huge success and the first time students in 7th-12th grades have participated in the spring play.  The magnificently colorful set design and costumes along with outstanding theatrical performances by the entire cast brought Alice to life. 



  • Alice- Hannah Davis
  • Margaret- Alice’s sister- Sarah Margaret Poundstone
  • White rabbit- Hannah Walters
  • Skull person #1- Sam Pittenger
  • Skull person #2- Casie Starling
  • Skull person #3- Lauren Taylor
  • Tweedle dee- Barrett Hammond
  • Tweedle dum- Georgia Blaze
  • Flowers
    • daisy- Sarah Margaret Poundstone
    • tiger-lily- Katherine Kirk
    • rose- Grace Allen
  • Duchess- Meri-Kathryn Bright
  • Cook- Katherine Kirk
  • Caterpillar- Savannah Clemens
  • Cheshire Cat- Bailey Blaze
  • Mad Hatter- Hannah Johnson
  • March Hare- Ty Grant
  • Dormouse- Katherine Kirk
  • Knave of Hearts- Lane Johnson
  • Cards
    • Two-Katherine Kirk
    • five- Jonathan Mathis
    • seven- Max Taylor
  • Red Queen- Rachel Sargent
  • White Queen/ Ivory Queen- Madison Folkes


  • Makayla Morris
  • Ashley Atkins
  • Jennifer Campbell

Alice Cast